canada's involvement in South America's humanitarian crisis 

the global north (canada, the usa, western europe, australia, among others) has a historical debt with the global south (Bolivia, Colombia, India, Cayman Islands, Cuba, among others).

canada and the usa have a special obligation with South and Central America. rooted in years of forced displacement, invasions, coups, mineral and agrarian extractivism in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands; exacerbating neocolonialism and intensifying violence in these territories.

relying on a corrupt propaganda machine, canada and the usa have done an excellent job at keeping these international endeavours secret from the general population.

central and south american comrades ask from the people of the global north that you educate yourself, reallocate funds whenever possible and that you share and inform others of the many ways canada and the usa are involved in the human crisis developing in Colombia, Central and the rest of South America. 

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Throughout Latin America, Canadian mining companies are acting with impunity and may have used paramilitary criminal organizations to dispose of anyone in their way.

Canadian Mining Companies Are Destroying Latin America


Long road to peace: An Indigenous protest movement emerges in Colombia

Fed up with growing violence, deepening poverty due to COVID-19 lockdowns, and a federal Colombian government they view as exploitative and negligent, thousands of Indigenous people have crossed this vast Andean nation to demand answers from President Iván Duque.

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Not only do Canadian mines in the Philippines degrade the environment and displace Indigenous communities, activists say, eco-defenders are targeted by the Philippine government for protesting them.

Land Defenders Are Killed in the Philippines for Protesting Canadian Mining

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3 Union Leaders Were Shot Dead and Colombia Says an American Company Financed Their Killers

The murders were committed by paramilitaries who Colombian investigators say were financed by an Alabama coal company.

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The “Canada Brand”: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America

The Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP) published a report documenting incidents of violence associated with Canadian mining companies in Latin America.


This study is the first of its kind, compiling information over a span of 15 years from 14 countries in South and Central America about violence associated with Canadian mining companies.


With 41% of the large mining companies in Latin America being Canadian, it shows that a lack of accountability that these companies take for their actions abroad to be extremely problematic.

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Canadian Mining Continues to Trample on Human Rights in Latin America Under Trudeau

Some things in Canada never change, like how the mining industry gets away with murder in Latin America.

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On March 25th, a tailings dam at the Aurizona mine overflowed in Godofredo Viana in the state of Maranhão, Northeastern Brazil, contaminating surrounding rivers and leaving around 4000 residents without potable water. The mine is the property of Canadian mining company Equinox Gold and is one of the biggest gold mines in the country.

This socio-environmental emergency is happening as the state of Maranhão reports the highest number of coronavirus deaths in a single day since the onset of the pandemic.

No Relief for 4000 People Affected by Brazil Mine Spill